As a trusted member of Bangladesh Indenting Association, we provide simple indenting services for all the required products from reliable global manufacturers.


Al-Noor has extraordinary experiences with different import procedures for varied products from leading Manufacturers & Trading Houses around the Globe.


We supply all the major industrial products with successful track records for accomplishing small to large Private & Govt. projects in Bangladesh for about about half a decade.

The Trust Factors

Al-Noor is reputed for both Trust & Reliability

Reliable Stakeholder for Government Organizations

Al-Noor has proven itself as a reliable supplier for reputed Government manufacturing concerns of Bangladesh. Over the course of a decade, competitive international tenders were won repeatedly and completed successfully. As a result, it has gained good reputation from these organizations.

Trusted Sourcing Partner for Private Organizations

The company has a modest footprint in the private sector. Al-noor secured the trust of a few key organizations of this highly competitive market where imports are usually done directly by the entities. The choice of reliable manufacturers, transparent pricing and committed support made Al-noor trusted supplier for these organizations.

Our Major Projects

Some of the projects from recent years

Major Clients

Words from Selected Clients

About Us

Al-Noor Global Trading is a young firm incorporating the long experience of professionals from different public & private sector organizations and companies. We represent reliable global manufacturers with competitive cost of products & services for Power sector, Chemicals and other related fields.